kindle is known for providing cloud storage to its customers from where they can read any book stored in it. Many of us are still dumb about this feature. Don’t worry, today we will discuss about it and let you know the different ways of storing eBooks on cloud storage.

The kindle cloud storage is best platform for storing the eBooks that you have purchased form the amazon. The other stuffs that it can accommodate includes dictionary, notes, reading books and other personal files. You just need to sync the kindle application with kindle cloud storage. You can save the internal memory of your kindle.

Here is the setup guide for you. It will be helpful for you.

There are two ways to setup the kindle account with cloud storage. One way is easier than the other. But I prefer to go with the difficult way because it is far better and helpful for you if you want to add from any email account. Both the ways are otherwise discussed below. You can go with anyone out of them after judging both otherwise take kindle customer service from the website.

Easy and short method

There is an application named ‘send2kindle’ with which you can send eBooks and other files directly from kindle account to cloud kindle storage. This app is altered according to the system operating system.  The windows, android and OSX systems are well suited with it

If you are going to send a file from the PC then select the account from where you want to send. Say window voyager for instance. Right click on it and select the send2kindle option. You will see the screen like you have seen contents on screen while printing a MS word document and so forth.

Another reason of send2kindle being the best and popular is that when you share something through it you will see a window that is open especially for this purpose. This window appears to be user-friendly and perfect for your need. You can drag drop the email in this window directly from the device and add it with kindle cloud. You can also take kindle help from the internet regarding transfer.

If you want to know about the exciting features of send2 kindle application then you can visit kindle support or send2kindle link from the You can take any kind of assistance from there only.

It’s all about the easy path. Now we will discuss the hard method of setup.

Hard method

First of all to begin with the process, go to amazon official website and open the ‘manage my kindle’ page.

Log into the account and click on settings tab:

Keep on moving down until you see the ‘approved personal document mail list’ option on the screen. This area includes all the email that are currently joined with some external or internal networks. You must have kindle account connected to kindle cloud here. In case, there is no account available there then you can take amazon kindle support at once. Talk to the expert executive at www kindle com support web link.

The amazon requires all the emails that are authorized by you for transfer process. In the same way an email address is required for transferring the contents from kindle cloud and vice versa. The company blocks the spam messages so this should be kept in mind while providing email address to for authentication. You can take kindle help if you stuck at any point. Feel free to take support anytime and from anywhere.

After sorting out this thing just go through the e-mail settings under ‘send-to-kindle’ page.

When you feel that there is need of support for your kindle fire series model then you can move to kindle fire support link. Here you can take help from executives as well as place some feedback regarding the experience of using kindle cloud feature with kindle device.