kindle is an e-reader device that is developed keeping in mind the interest of book readers or who have deep love of reading the books and novels. The new kindle 8th generation device also start providing the facility to the visually impaired persons that they can listen to the contents displayed on their kindle screen. This has made easy for them if they want to read a particular book or want to surf the other contents through kindle over internet. They can easily get the output from the speakers attached to it or through the headphone.

Kindle uses voice view Bluetooth technology in these gadgets which works according to the gestures and screen based technology. If the blind person want to listen to the particular book then he/she can download the audio book from the kindle book store. More kindle help is available on the kindle com support website. They can take audio help from there as well.

Amazon 8th generation kindle is a new kindle that comes with latest features and design. All you need to do is create a kindle account on the amazon and configure it on your kindle device. Thereafter, you can start enjoying e-reading over the kindle. There are lots of books available on the kindle store for visually impaired persons. Almost all the books are available in audio format, while remaining are under process. You can go to kindle customer service if you want to take support regarding the supported file format and document type.

New generation kindle devices already support the most common file formats. You don’t need to convert the file from one format to other as it was required in earlier models. You simply download the file in computer or kindle itself and start reading it without any hassle.

Now we are going to discuss the title of the blog that how the impaired persons can use the voice view over the Bluetooth technology efficiently and what are its requirements.

You can connect any of the Bluetooth audio device with kindle for listening to screen contents like books and other stuffs. Before connecting the device with the speaker keep this thing in mind that the distance between the kindle and speaker should be minimum or within the range of connectivity. Kindle support all the devices within certain distance limits. You can go to Bluetooth profiles in the support section if you want to check the compatibility.

Kindle Fire Support

Before connecting the device, go through the instructions written below. Step by step setup instructions are provided in this blog post.  The amazon kindle support only high energy device like microphones and other headsets. Now we are starting with the process.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of your kindle device from the settings and turn it to the pairing mode.
  2. Keep the power button presses for 7 seconds then place the fingers apart on the screen for 1 second.
  3. The kindle will start giving instructions related to the audio voice view technology. Place the finger on the screen to continue listening for 1-2 minutes. You can hear the instructions on www kindle com support link also.

Note: If you are not able to connect to the Bluetooth device within 10 seconds then the voice view mode will be disabled automatically.

After pairing the Bluetooth audio device, save the paired connection for future use.

  1. You can switch off the Bluetooth voice view service through the following ways.
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth device.
  3. In your 8th generation kindle, select the quick action menu, you will see the voice view settings in this menu. Tap on it then double click to turn off. The kindle fire support is helpful for kindle fire devices.
  4. Power button can also suspend the Bluetooth service and resume it when you restart your kindle.