The video playback issue is to be faced by many of the kindle users and definitely they are finding the solution for fixing it permanently. If yes, then the solution to their problem is discussed in the blog post. Go through it and try to understand it. Take the kindle help from www kindle com support otherwise.

Kindle device is being used by the people for reading purpose mainly. In addition to this they sometime watch movies and shows on it. The problem of video playback has been reported by the some kindle users while playing movie. This is important to note here that amazon kindle support MP4 video format only nothing else. So the video must be in this format. If the video still not play with this format than it becomes more disgusting.

We all know that kindle platform in not meant only for E-books. You can also view movies and videos as well as music on it. The inability to play such stuffs by the kindle is a big problem it also besmirch the amazon brand. Even the different format as well as players were tried by some users so that it resume the playback but nothing has resolved this issue. This is point for disappointment for the users when every time they get same terrific message ‘video cannot be played’ on the screen.

After getting knowing about all your approach, we are going to provide a concreate solution for this problem that will definitely sort out this problem. There are different techniques that are discussed as under.

1. As we know that kindle operating system is android so it will support only android based apps that includes media players as well.

2. There are plenty of apps available for video and other media playback on android play store. It is recommended to use VLC player for your kindle. This player best suites the kindle device. It will play the videos from all file format. This is most downloaded software even for computers and laptop too.

3. The VLC player download by the kindle user is to be automatically selected as a default media player for playing the videos on it by default. This must be default media player if not selected automatically.

4. VLC player has ability to play .AVI and .MKV file formats other than MP4 one. There is no need to convert the format of video after that. Yes if you are having problem the take kindle customer service support. The issue of changing the format is completely eradicated with this player.

5. It must be keep in mind that while transferring the videos from laptop/ computer to kindle the format should be changed according to the one that is supported by kindle video player. The format can be changed online easily.

Not only VLC player support all the video format, there are other players too that support more than one file format. If you want to know about the support or any download then you can take help from the amazon kindle support. All the issues related to before and after downloading VLC media players can be discussed thoroughly with the experts on this platform. You will able to revert back to your favourite videos on kindle which you have left watching in your computer.

The process of installation of such media players is same for all kindle models. If you are using the kindle fire series model then special online manuals are available on kindle fire support title. You can get it in your kindle from the internet. You will not find any problem anymore after installing this media player. All the videos will start playing properly without any hassle.