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5 Common Problems With Amazon Kindle That Can Be Resolved With Kindle Help And Support

Kindle Support

Amazon Kindle has given a new way of reading books. Kindle devices are perfect amalgamation of a highly advanced technological device and an e-reader.

Wifi IssueBack in the day, when people don’t have any technical device to read books, they have to carry a bag filled with books from one place to another, which was not at all convenient. But, with the inception of Amazon Kindle, things have changed for good. Now, it is possible to read as many books as you like anywhere.

There are many great things in Kindle that can boost the reading experience. Amazon has launched a dozen of Kindle models over the past few years, and surprisingly, every single model is doing well on the market. But, we are going to change the path a bit and discuss the issues that people are facing in their Kindle devices. Electronic devices are not perfect, and there are certain flaws that may arise due to manufacturing defects or due to overusing of the device. So, let us discuss the 5 most common annoyances of Kindle devices for which you may require Kindle help and support.

  1. A single user mode

You are reading a book, and then, your partner comes and ask for the Kindle so that he/she can read his/her favorite book. But, when you get the device back, then you have to switch to a dead tree book. Kindle should have a feature where your partner can create his/her own account and save bookmarks on the book, edit last page read setting and more. Things will not get messed up this way. The problem is there in Kindle Fire and can’t be rectified with Kindle Fire Support.

  1. Absence of Utility Apps

Only a web browser is present on the Kindle, which is not sufficient. It would be a lot better if there was a notepad app, a calculator, a calendar in the device. It is understandable that these apps are absent due to e-ink display, but people could have easily accustomed to the flashing and blanking of the Kindle screen.

  1. Dictionary for single words only

Move the cursor to a particular word and the definition will appear. This is useful, but there has to be something for phrases. Kindle should pay attention to this thing. Kindle support needs to address this issue and also tell, what should be the appropriate solution.

  1. No covers on books

Though, most people skip going through the preface of the books, but a beautiful cover signifies that this is a complete book and it is going to be interesting or boring or whatever. You can get an impression about the book from its cover, but don’t bother, Amazon.

  1. Annoying progress bar

There are two toolbars that you are going to see in Kindle. One appears at the top and show the name of the book, battery life and wireless or 3G signal. The bottom of the screen has the progress bar in percentage and the location. The bottom toolbar never disappears and always reminds that you are on this page and there are still ‘x’ number of pages left. This is very frustrating because it disrupts people when they are trying to get indulged into the story. You can take Amazon Kindle support to get any help regarding this problem.

Kindle Support

If you come across these issues, then you can go to www Kindle com support and tell the support providers that you are facing these issues, and the company must rectify them. These issues can be removed if there are new updates, otherwise chances are less.

For any other hardware or software related issue, you can take the help of Kindle com support, which is the official support link of the company. It doesn’t matters which problem are you facing in your Kindle device, Kindle customer service is going to rectify that problem once and for all.

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