Apple iPad Pro Tablet Could Be Accompanied With iPad Mini 5 Or iPad Pro Mini

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The discussion on Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is going on in top gear, and the company has released the news of the next-gen tablets, which will be launched in 2017. Apple will not leave the opportunity to keep people excited about the new devices that the company has in the offering.

Wifi IssueMany experts believe that the company is going to launch iPad Pro 2 alongside the much anticipated tablet ‘the iPad Mini 5’. Both the devices will be launched in March 2017, though the exact date hasn’t been revealed yet. Last year in September, the company has launched iPad Mini 4, which bodes a 7.9 inch screen, and this year in March, the company launched iPad Pro, which sports a 9.7 inch screen. This trend clearly indicates that the company is launching a new tablet at a short span of time.

Some experts who have their sources deep inside the company said that Apple is going to lauch three new iPads in 2017 instead of one or two. These three iPad will have a screen size of 9.7 inches, 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches.

It is very interesting that many analysts have not mentioned that the name of iPad Mini 5. Moreover, there are indications that the 9.7 inch tablet can become the new size for 7.9 inch tablet. If rumours are to believe, then the 10.5 inch model could be iPad Pro (smaller version), whereas the 12.9 inch version could be the iPad Pro 2. As far as the processor of these two iPad is concerned, then both the tablets will sport A10 X processor.

It is to be seen whether the iPad Mini 5 moves to a bigger 9.7 inch screen or just get a size alteration. There are many rumours floating around the market that the iPad Mini 5 will be renamed as iPad Pro Mini and will sport A9 or A9 X Chip. Kindle Support

Now, talking about the RAM, then iPad Mini Pro or Mini 5 will have 3 GB of RAM along with Retina display. This will be something new in the Apple iPad. There are some reports that clearly indicate that the new iPad will also have Apple Pencil Stylus. The reason this kind of information is out is because of the transformation of the iPad Mini to iPad Mini Pro.

Apple has also touched the storage capacity section in the new iPad, bringing in a tablet with better storage capacities. Apple iPad Mini 2 and Mini 4 got the increased storage capacity, and the same can be seen in the new iPad model.

There will be a faster display in apple iPad Pro 2 along with an improved Apple Pencil. But, these are all speculations and so, people will have to wait until the product is finally launched in March, 2017. The company definitely has something exciting stored for us, so we all have to just count the days before the superb tablet gets launched.

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