Google Ends ‘Nexus’ Brand And Also Didn’t Announce Any New Android Tablet.

Google is ready with its ‘PIXEL’ brand. It is for everybody to see that this brand has supplanted the former hardware line of the company. The reason for this switch is the cold response of the people towards the tablets. Companies have to change their strategies, and so did the Google.

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The highlighting thing at the Google’s hardware event that occurred on October 4th, 2016 was the things that the company announced. What people assumed the company would reveal turned out totally wrong from the company was turned out be completely wrong. Google came out with two new smartphones, a new streaming devices, which could be called the next version of ‘Chromecast’ and the competitor to the Amazon Echo. There is a virtual reality headset as well, which will be available on the market. A notable thing is that none of the gadgets have Nexus branding on them.

Everybody knows that Nexus has been associated with the Google’s forays into hardware, media streamers and Android powered smartphones and tablets, but that string has now come to an end. Google will no longer use the name ‘Nexus’ on its devices. It feels like Google is done with ‘Nexus’.

The ‘Pixel’ has now taken over the role, which ‘Nexus’ used to play in the past. It is not just the smartphones, which will be marketed and sold as the name ‘Pixel’, but ‘Chromecast’ and ‘VR Glasses’ as well. Google has also launched Wi-Fi router and home smart speaker with the Pixel branding. Google hasn’t launched Pixel in the event, as there is still an existing Pixel C Android tablet.

Google is also looking for a replacement for Pixel C because it is not doing as good as the company expected. This can be found out from the market condition of the device, which is not great. Products like Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface too haven’t done that great despite having a mammoth brand value backing them.

There was some news regarding the last tablet by Google, which is named as Nexus Slate and is powered by Huawei. But, they are not collaborating with the company because Google has decided not to put their name on the Pixel Smartphones. With the perishing of the Google Nexus, the manufacturing of Huawei built tablet is also in jeopardy. So, the question that people are asking today are, will there be another tablet with Google branding on it? Moreover, does it now matter if it really comes?

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