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How Can You Restore The Amazon Kindle After Critical Battery Error?

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As we all that critical battery error is related to amazon Kindle and this issue is common these days. People always find its solution on internet to resolve it. This issue must be diagnosed for proper functioning of your Kindle device. We will discuss about its solution in this blog post.

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When the battery of Kindle lowers than its normal working range then it indicates the user in the form of screensaver. The screensaver displays ‘critical battery’ message on the screen. This indication technique is different from other devices. To resolve this issue at this stage is simple. Just connect your Kindle device with the charger. The moment it connected to the charger, it will show charging message on the screen with charging light blinking on it. The charging enhances the brightness level of the screen if connected successfully. But if the same screensaver appears on the screen again then there is problem with the device or the charger is not charging the Kindle. Here three cases arise. These are: problem with battery, problem with Kindle and with the charger only. You may take Kindle help from the official Kindle com support link for the same issue. To check that your battery is charging or not, follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Plug your charger into Kindle device for charging and keep it aside for several hours so that it will charge. It should be keep in mind that the charger is connected to the Kindle not the computer for charging. The USB cable must be plugged into the adapter not into the USB port of computer. Once you connected then look at the light present on the Kindle that whether it starts blinking or not. If not then there is problem with the battery or with the charger. Follow the below steps to Resolve the issue of charging.
  1. If the critical battery screensaver still appears on the screen then it means that there is no proper charging going on. Unplug the USB cable and press the power button to the right for 20 seconds. This restarts the Kindle device.
  2. After the restart, go to home screen and press the home key of Kindle for more than a minute.
  3. After the 3rd step you will see the screen starts flashing. This is the indication to tell you that your Kindle goes into recovery mode. Press the R key from the keyboard to bring your Kindle device to its previous state from where it had stopped.
  4. Wait and watch if the same screensaver again appears on the screen then connect the USB cable to the Kindle and return to home screen page.

Critical Error

If you find that the Kindle doesn’t show any marks of improvement even after third step then the problem lies within the battery and you can call to customer care number available on the www Kindle com support homepage. The best possible solution to your problem will be available over the line or on the email. Amazon Kindle support platform is known for providing best support services to Kindle users.

You will find this quite common issue even in higher end models also like: Kindle Oasis and Kindle paperwhite . We can’t say that this problem is related to basic models only. The solution to this problem or troubleshooting of this issue is available on Kindle support link.

These types of errors are not frequent in nature, but can come anytime. You have to diagnose them immediately. Kindle fire tablets are more prone to these issues as their battery power is lesser than that of creamy models. Kindle Fire support is especially available on the internet for diagnosing any issues related to Kindle series models.

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