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How To Diagnose The Wi-Fi Issues That Are Common In Amazon Kindle?

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Wi-Fi issue in the kindle is most disgusting issue that is faced by many users these days. This issue is mainly occurred during initial setup process or after the setup. All the updates regarding the firmware upgrade and news information depends on the internet connection. If you are connected with it then only you will able to receive the update on software and world latest news. You will get everything on your kindle device only if you are connected with Wi-Fi network. In this blog post, we will discuss the troubleshooting process that can resolve the problem of Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connection plays a major role in the operation of amazon kindle device. If there is proper internet connection and speed then you can access the e-books on kindle store. You can download and purchase it from the store by entering the credit card details for payment. You can browse internet and social websites like Facebook through kindle device only if there is proper Wi-Fi connection. If you face the problem related to Wi-Fi then you must solve it first then start using your kindle device. Because without internet your kindle device is like a dumb. Kindle help is available on the internet for troubleshooting of this issue. Moreover you can take kindle support from the official website of amazon. You can enjoy more features and apps other than e-reading on the kindle with the help of internet connection.

Kindle Support

The most important steps that can resolve the issue of Wi-Fi connection are discussed below. You can try these steps to fix this issue.

  1. It must be ensured that the router and kindle device must be placed nearer to each other otherwise the signal may get effected with the hindrances and obstructions available inside the house. The range of Wi-Fi router is always limited, you will get the signal strength on the basis of incoming bandwidth provided by internet service provider.
  2. Move to the ‘settings’ in your kindle device and click on the Wi-Fi icon to switch on the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi icon is available under the network menu.
  3. Look at the lights available on the top of Wi-Fi router that whether all are blinking or not. These lights will tell you the status of network connection. There’s another light of power supply that will let you know about the availability of power supply.
  4. Airplane mode should be switched off during Wi-Fi operation.
  5. Frist restart the kindle now by pressing the power button for 20 seconds and then reset it by clicking the power button again for another 15 seconds.
  6. If you find any problem then you can take help from amazon kindle support official website.
  7. The device doesn’t support peer to peer and Ad hoc networks. These networks should not be selected while configuring the network.
  8. Unplug the router from the socket and plug it again after 10 minutes. Check the network light if it is blinking properly or not. You can test the network speed by connecting some other device on the same network. If the device opens the browser successfully then the network is ok.
  9. You have option to change the SSID of your router. You can do this by getting into the website of Wi-Fi router. The steps can be asked from ISP also.

Wifi Issue

If you think that your problem is related to hardware then you can take support from www kindle com support. The experts sitting there will guide you properly about the hardware technical details. Kindle com support is the only platform from where you can get the genuine support for your device.

Kindle oasis and kindle Paperwhite model user cannot take support from other support website other than the official website of amazon kindle. These issues are common for every type of kindle product so there is no need to take dedicated kindle fire support for kindle fire series models.

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