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How To Resolve The Video Issues On Your Kindle Fire Tablet?

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Amazon has developed kindle fire tablets after E-readers. These tablets work similar to E-readers but with some additional features built-in. Are you using kindle fire tablet in your routine life or up to the full potential or not? If yes, then you might have faced video problem on it. Today, we are going to discuss this most common problem which is faced almost by 70% of users.

Most people use the kindle tablet and E-readers for reading purpose. They don’t use it fully due to lack of knowledge or they are afraid of the thing that it will get stopped. Here we want to tell you that kindle fire tablets are meant for opening the websites and watching contents through online channels too. Those who have been using this facility on their kindle tablet have reported an issue to the company that the video doesn’t playback sometimes in their kindle fire tablet. If you are also one of them, who have already sent a report to the kindle com support link for this problem and got nothing in this connection, then we are going to provide the ways with which you can troubleshoot your problem without contacting kindle help support team.

  1. Reinstate the device: Video playback issue mainly occurs with the bad or interrupted internet connection. If your internet has limited bandwidth, then you won’t be able to play the videos on your device because of server problem. In this case, you have to either select the low quality video for playback or restart the device to get proper speed of internet. All the network related devices should be switched off and restart after a gap of 15 seconds. Kindle support all company routers and modems but the network speed variations are controlled by your internet service provider.
  2. Inspect the software version of device: The firmware version of kindle plays an important role in playing the videos flawlessly or without any pause. If the version is updated, then it will open the video contents more quickly and easily than that of older version due to bug fixes. If you find any problem in updating a kindle, then log onto www kindle com support or follow the below mentioned steps.Kindle Support
  • Open the menu from the top of screen with the help of finger touch.
  • Click on settings followed by system update.
  1. Wipe off the application data: This is another solution to your problem. It will definitely help you in solving the problem. When you clear the old data from the application, then it will delete all the downloaded data from your device. Amazon kindle support all the videos that are downloaded from Amazon own video app. The process for clearing the data is discussed here as under.

Kindle first gen devices

  1. Go to settings and open ‘more’.
  2. Select the video app from the list and clear the data from app.
  3. Try playing videos after clearing the data.

Kindle fire HD and HDX tablets

Kindle Support

  1. Open the menu through menu flag and get into settings.
  2. Click on more.
  3. Open the installed applications.
  4. Click on video app and force stop it after clearing the data from cache.
  5. Restart device and check if problem has been resolved or not.

Fire HD and HDX devices

  1. The first step is same as the former one.
  2. Click on games and app folder and open manage applications.
  3. Go through the options and open video app. In case of any problem, call at kindle customer service
  4. Restart the kindle and check if the problem is rectified or not.

If you see ‘Error 13’ on your screen, then follow the same steps discussed above for this problem even. For more information related to video playback contact kindle fire support team.

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