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How To Send Documents That Are In Other Formats To Amazon Kindle?

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People who are using Kindle devices know how to send files from other sources to their Kindle devices, but they want to know if there is any way to send files that are in other formats or not. Of course, there is a way and we are going to discuss that in this blog post. There is no need to call a Kindle support directly when you can send the files by following the below-mentioned steps.

It is quite common to see Kindle devices stacked up with different eBooks. People who buy Kindles are in deep love with reading books, so their Kindle devices will remain fully loaded with books of different genres. But, many people have a query, which they want an answer for, i.e., is it possible to send documents that are in other formats apart from which the Kindle device supports. There are many other formats in which eBooks are available these days, such as ePUB, MOBI and PDF, so if there is a way to have files of these formats in the Kindle, then it will be great.

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Know your Kindle email address

The transferring of documents in other formats can only be done if you have accessed to the personal document syncing service of Kindle. You must have an email address in order to use the service. So, if you don’t know how a Kindle email looks like, so you have to look for this kind of an email to send your documents to the Kindle devices. Now, there must be another question popping in your mind, i.e., does this way works with all the Kindle devices? Well, yes, it works with all the Kindle devices, so if you are using Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Fire or Kindle Oasis, then you can send the files easily. In order to send files, you have to open the settings and do changes in the personal document settings. You can find your email address on that page. So, copy the email address when it is asked. If you can’t find the email address, then take the help of Amazon Kindle support.

How to send the files in PDF, ePUB and MOBI formats to your Kindle device?

Amazon Kindle has provided people with more than one way to send the files to the Kindle device. Here are the most popular ways of doing so:

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  1. Kindle App: Like I mentioned above that there is a Kindle app for Mac and Windows based computers, so if you own any of the computers, then you can download the app. After you download and open the app, you will be able to send the files by right clicking on the selected ones and then, choosing ‘Send to Kindle’ option. You can also use extensions in web browsers to send the files from computer to Kindle device. Take Kindle help if there is any issue.
  2. Email: You can attach the required files in your email and send it to your Kindle. You can also send the files to your Kindle library. This method may be time consuming, but is very convenient. You can seek the help of Kindle tech support if you are not able to attach files in the mail or send the email. Log onto www Kindle com support to get more details.
  3. Setup personal document syncing: It is important to authorize the apps to be able to use them to send the files. You can go to settings page in which you will have to go to personal documents settings. You can find all the approved email addresses at ‘Approved document email list’. If there is any problem in syncing the document, then it is better to take Kindle com support.

The process of sending files on Kindle Fire tablets is the same, and if there is any problem, then you can take the help from Kindle Fire support to resolve the issue.

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