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How To Skip Particular Formatting Errors In Kindle eBook Conversion?

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The process of converting the Kindle E-book is not as simple as it is supposed to be. There are some complications which may result in conversion failure. Kindle has just released fire tablets to the family of E-reader devices. You will find that kindle support all the formats of E-book in each of its device but the look and format of a text is different in different device. These variations in design and style makes kindle E-Book conversion more complicated.

The formatting issues are more disgusting for self-published authors when they convert their kindle EBooks. The results after their conversion include errors in formatting, whereas the original version of the E-book is magnificently formatted.

Most self-publishers keep on searching the software online for getting best formatted E-book. Some people prefer to use the kindle direct publishing software for converting the EBooks. It will convert your word document file into EBook format but the results and the last product is not so satisfactory. You will get average results with KDP usage. For more information about kindle direct publishing, you can take kindle help from kindle com support link. You will get detail information about the KDP and its output quality.

However, there are some authors, who have followed the mentioned route to convert the files for kindle. They convert the HTML file into the EBook file format with the help of calibre and then download the file from the kindle. They got disappointing results with this tool. Amazon kindle support only limited formatting tools for conversion. Calibre is a third party software that is not supported by KDP platform. KDP requires a kindleGen, its specialized tool for EBook conversion.

Now we are going to discuss the ways through which you can fix the formatting issues. Step wise easy and quick solutions are provided to you. Read them attentively.

  1. To become more resourceful, you can use Google tips and tricks for sorting out the formatting issues. First of all create 4 versions of documents for E-book.
  • Actual text written in HTML.
  • Table of contents inscribed in HTML.
  • Table of contents from NCX.
  • An OPF.

Kindle SupportA missing or extra semi-colon in these particular documents can create a major problem in formatting. Link all the above mentioned four documents together along with the cover photo and put it in kindleGen. Go through the preview before conversion that how it will look like after formatting. For any assistance call at kindle customer service number provided on the website. You are required to go back and forth with your HTML format before coming to the final previewer.

There are no clear cut and safe tips to create a document that fits properly in all the E-readers. We are going to provide some helpful manuscript tips that will make your conversion better. Words that causes errors mainly are:

  • Single quotation marks.
  • Apostrophe
  • Dashes

Find and replace option can easily sort out these errors but not fully. The only way left to check out the mistakes is go back and forth in the document. This is bit time consuming. You will have to be careful of not using the above mentioned words while publishing the EBooks in future. With this you can reduce the errors. There is no need to take www kindle com support from the website.

EBook conversion is time consuming project so if you are a beginner and going to publish a book on fire tablet then you are having only 2-3 options for formatting. You can take kindle fire support from the official link. You can take third party support from online, if you really want to convert your Book to attractive EBook so that it looks attractive and saleable.

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