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How To Solve The Wi-Fi Issue If You Are Not Being Able To Connect To E-Book Store In Kindle?

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If you are not able to access the e-book store from your Kindle device then the problem is due to older software version. The firmware version need to be updated in order to access the books from Kindle store. To check the new update for your Kindle device just go to Kindle support link.

Amazon Kindle store is the only book store dedicated for Kindle users. They can access the number of books from there. If you like some books then you can easily buy or download from the store. You can store the book for future reading. The books are arranged according to the title name and author name. You can download any type of novel that you want or any poetry. In case you will not able to find the favorite book then you can take Kindle help from official website. The user can purchase any book of his own choice.

All these features can be enjoyed by the Kindle users only. If they will not able to utilize these features then it’s not worth using Kindle device and this may dissatisfy the users. If your Kindle device is not properly connected to Wi-Fi network then you may face the problem in accessing these features. If you are facing any problem related to Wi-Fi issues then you can take support from the www Kindle com support.

Wifi Issue

Which models are affected with this problem?

All those models that are brought by the users before June 2013 are mainly affected with this problem. If the users of this model have not updated their Kindle software then they can’t able to access the books from library even they cannot purchase or download any book. This problem arises in every model that is brought before 2013 irrespective of model. This problem of downgrade version of software is mainly seen in those Kindle devices that are not being used regularly. The users of this Kindle device uses the device rarely so they were not able to get notification about the recent update on the Kindle. On the other hand, the one who uses the device regularly gets notification on the screen as soon as the update is released. If you want to check the update on the internet then you can go to Kindle com support link. Download the pack from there and install it in your device. Kindle fire support is available for all Kindle fire users.

The amazon always give its best to its users in terms of features and style. Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite are the best examples of it. You will get regular updates on firmware version and e-book store. The books on the Kindle store updates regularly for the ease of users. All they need to have is internet connection at home for using all these services. They face the same issue, when they go for a long journey and doesn’t use it for longer time period.

Along with the automatic ways, there are also available manual ways through which you can update your Kindle device. Follow the simple steps and complete the update process successfully.


Wifi Issue

Updating Kindle device manually

  1. Switch on the computer and amazon Kindle. Connect the computer to the internet.
  2. Connect the computer with Kindle through USB cable. Drag drop the update file from computer to the file directory in Kindle.
  3. Once you move the file successfully, unplug the cable from the computer and Kindle.
  4. Go to ‘settings’ from home menu of Kindle. You will see the horizontal lines on the home screen or menu icon.
  5. Check for the update option under settings menu and click on it if it is not blurred.
  6. Confirm the update process by clicking on OK button. The device will be restarted number of times during update process.

While installing an update if you find any problem during the whole process then go to amazon Kindle support from the internet browser. If the problem still remains with your Kindle device then you can call on the given helpline numbers displayed on the home screen of website. There are third party service providers also, who provides the related support to Kindle users.

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