Microsoft Surface Pro 5 March Launch Seen: New Features

Microsoft surface devices have been the top-notch devices since inception. These devices have seen a lot of upgrades since then and have challenged other manufacturers like apple for a share in market. Though Microsoft is already a leader in computing, Microsoft surface devices have set a new bench mark. These devices also support a lot of accessories and are mostly preferred by millions of customers round the globe.

Features of the new Surface pro:

As said pro, it adds a lot of new features in it. It is lighter in weight. It is lighter than previous version of Microsoft surface pro. This will enable a lot of mobility. It also means that added keyboard and everything will add less to the footprint weight of the device. Surely we must see how that will impact the device.Kindle Support

It will also have a 4k display in it. Though technically a 4k display looks different than a 1080p only if the screen size is roughly more than 60 inches, it adds features like upscaling the content to 2k or more. So this is an added functionality. However, battery will also need an upgrade to push these added pixels.

This device will also have a newer generation of processors. Skylake processors have been in the previous generation of devices but these devices must have kaby lake processors. To have these processors in these devices, these will be pushed down to spring for a launch. These new generation of processors will also require on board higher level of graphics and Intel HD graphics are best suited for speed and performance which will be needed in Microsoft surface pro 5 devices. These dedicated graphics will maintain a proper balance between work and entertainment.

Introducing the Surface Pen:

Surface pen is one of the most loved features in these devices. Surface pen allows users for a lot of freedom to move. It also allows precision while using. With time, there will be more pressure sensitivity that is for sure. While these features are anticipated, Microsoft’s upgrade is also much needed to include these features.

USB C ports will also be included in these Microsoft surface 5 devices.  As more and more devices are migrating to USB type c, it is necessary for Microsoft surface 5 to include them. There is also a word which suggests that Microsoft might kill the standard USB, which would not be a surprise. Standard USB devices would need an adapter if it happens in future.

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