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What Are The Ways To Send Personal Docs From Different Sources To The Kindle Device Or App?

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Getting books for Kindle becomes a lot easier when you have the right apps and gadgets that are supported by Kindle. People are well-aware of the fact that reading ebooks is great fun in Kindle, but what they really want to know if it is possible to read the documents, ebooks and other readable items, which they have downloaded from different sources. If there is a way, then they would like to know about it.

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It is now possible to transfer your documents, ebooks and other readable items to your Kindle device or Kindle app. The company has made some solid arrangements to allow its users to read documents, which they have downloaded from other sources on the Kindle devices and even the apps. There are Kindle apps for Android and iOS devices, which people can download from the respective app stores. Also, there is a superb feature called ‘Send-to-Kindle’, which you can use to send documents to Kindle devices and apps. This is one of those features, which works on the oldest Kindle device to the newest one. The feature will not work in certain devices, which are; Windows 8 App, Windows Phone App, BlackBerry App and the Cloud Reader of Kindle. So, if you are using any of these above-mentioned apps, then you won’t be able to send files from these devices to your Kindle device.

In kindle devices, there is not just one way of sending the files, but there are a number of possibilities these days. You can send the files via mails, browsers, desktops and Android powered devices. Want to know how? Then, just keep reading the blog post.

Using email service to send the files

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If you want to send files via email, then in your Kindle, go to ‘manage content & devices’ along with a small setup process. After that, you can select ‘settings’ find ‘Send-To-Kindle’ email settings. In case, you are not able to use the email service to send the files, then you have Amazon Kindle support for better assistance.

You will come across a list of those device at which you can send the content. But, in order to send the content, you still need the respective email address for that device upon which you wish to transfer the files. Sending content from an unknown place is not possible, so better check out ‘Approved personal document email list’ to add the emails, which you are going to use to transfer the files. Take Kindle help if you don’t find this email list.

Kindle Support

Using your computer to send the files

You can download ‘Send-to-Kindle’ app for your Windows PC or Mac. Once the app is installed, you can instantly transfer the files. You can also transfer web pages and blogs if you want. There is a browser extension of the app as well, information of which you can get at www Kindle com support.

Using browsers to send the files

There is an extension available for Mozilla Firefox browser and Google Chrome browser. It is very easy to send the files using the browser extension, but if you are not able to send the files, then you can take the help of Kindle com support.


Using Android devices to send the files

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You can download the Android app to send the files to your Kindle device. The process of sending the files on Kindle Fire is also the same, but if there is any problem, then you can take the help of Kindle Fire support.

You can also send files from Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis just like Kindle Fire. So, there is nothing to worry because there might be a difference in the devices, but the process of transferring files remains the same.

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