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What To Do If Your Kindle Screen Gets Frozen?

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Frozen screen issue is very frustrating for the Kindle users if they experience this issue while using it. This issue brings a device to a stand-still. This issue is mainly due to e-ink display or secondly due to the electromagnetic fields generated by the nearby devices placed besides Kindle device.

‘Amazon’, an online retailer company developed an electronic device which is dedicated for bookworms. The name of this device is ‘Kindle’. The company has achieved sale targets of this device within the first quarter of its launch. The Kindle e-reader is a device with full HD 6 inches screen. The top end model, Kindle Oasis comes even with the leather back cover whereas the Kindle Paperwhite comes with capacitive touch full HD screen. The resolution of its screen is more than 290 PPI and that too with HD.

Kindle Support

Continuous reading on Kindle doesn’t consume much power but when we change or edit the contents on the screen then it consumes more power. You can view the previous pictures without wasting any battery power but if you play games on it then it will definitely get exhausted. Recently we have received feedback from the users that their screen gets frozen when it is kept in idle state for some time. Here you are uncertain with the problem that whether it is in screen of device or within the battery of a Kindle. In order to find out the root cause you have to perform the certain tests.

These tests are mentioned below. You can try these test to find out the problem in your device.

Kindle Support

  1. Plug your device into the charger for 10-15 mins and look for the changes. If the screen remain active even with the flat battery then there is some problem with the e-ink display.
  2. Slide the power button to right position to switch in the Kindle. Once the Kindle gets started, you will see the green light flashes that is indication for safe power on. For any type of Kindle help go to the Kindle com support official website.
  3. Press the power button firmly for 20 seconds to perform the hard reset. The reset function is always possible when device is in ‘on’ state. In case of any amazon Kindle support you can talk to the experts because the hard reset is performed only when the issue of frozen screen is not due to the battery. Go to www Kindle com support for help from experts.
  4. If you are not getting proper support from the website then you can call at helpline numbers given on the official website. The technical experts will guide you properly with each and every step. You can reach to them by Kindle support web link.

There are also 3rd party service providers available online, which cater to the needs of Kindle users. The service support for Kindle fire tablet is given through special Kindle Fire support website. The services by third party are not free.

The frozen screen issues are common for every Kindle model. So no special guidelines for each Kindle model are provided on individual website. You can get the support from the official website of Kindle support. The home page of support website includes the product details and model number of device, which is to be entered by the user.

The main point that is to be kept in mind while using the Kindle device is that the Kindle screen is effected by the electromagnetic rays coming out from the local devices. So all the device like mobile, microwave oven should be kept away from the Kindle so that the magnetic field generated by the device doesn’t affect the Kindle.

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