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Will The Soft Reset Erases All Data Stored In Kindle Library? Know About It

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It’s a matter of discussion and knowledge for all the Kindle users that whether the soft reset erases all the data available in the Kindle library or not. Some are in favor of this and some are not. We will discuss about it in detail in this blog post. Soft reset option is the option available within the device itself.

Kindle Support

There is huge competition between the amazon Kindle and its rivals. They are coming up with broad features and updates that can allure people towards them. Kindle provide e-reading feature and other than this it also allows you to listen to the music and videos through Kindle device. The primary feature of this device is its Kindle store from where you can download thousands of books without any charges or some charges. You don’t need to purchase every book. There are some books which you can directly download from Kindle store. This device took appreciation from the elder people, who are not in condition to go out for reading due to health problems. The Kindle device entertains the seniors by providing amazing features and e-books online. The best device in Kindle series is Kindle Oasis that is followed by the Kindle Paperwhite. The working of both the devices is same but the difference lies within the design and shape.

Kindle reset hierarchy

Kindle functions perfectly for most of the times and the mild issues can be solved by the user itself. The small issues in the Kindle devices can be overcome by the reset option. One way to reset the device is soft reset option. This will delete all the temporary data stored in the cache memory of Kindle and you can restore to the last visited point. Another way to reset is to switch off the device and restart it using the power button. It’s same like as we do in the computers. The data in the library is safe in both the cases. No data will be deleted after the reset function. If you are going to perform the factory reset then it will delete all your data including library books permanently from the memory. The books can be re-downloaded from the book store then. The factory reset is done to complete the update process or in case if you are giving your Kindle device to your friend for temporary basis. If you need any Kindle help for resetting it then you can go to www Kindle com support from your browser. Now we will discuss about the types of reset in brief.

Soft Reset

If your Kindle device stopped responding to your query at once then there is need to perform the soft reset. Hard reset won’t solve this problem. To perform soft reset, go to ‘settings’ then on reset options. Click on the ‘restart’. The Kindle will start restarting process. This sometimes takes time as lots of files are stored in the main memory of Kindle so it first deletes the temporary files then perform the reset function. The previous models of Kindle comes with keyboard, you just press the alt+ shift button followed by R to start the soft reset. In case your Kindle is new one then press the on/off button couple of times. Once the green light starts blinking, it means that your device is restarted. If you find any problem in soft reset function then you can go to Kindle support website for free assistance.

Factory Reset and Hard reset

Kindle Support

If you find that the soft reset does not solve your purpose or issue then you can go with hard reset.  To execute the hard reset, press the power button for 15 seconds and release after it. The Kindle will then restart after sometime and it clears all the processes running behind the screen. This processes slow down the processor speed temporarily. Kindle fire support is dedicated support for Kindle fire series.

The last option you can opt under reset feature is factory reset. This is reset option available in the Kindle itself. When you click on this icon all your data will be lost including the library books. The factory reset option is chosen only when the system upgrades to new version or someone else start using your Kindle device. The process for reset is same in all the models. In case of any amazon Kindle support just log onto Kindle com support from your computer web browser. This is general website for all the Kindle users.

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